An excellent inventor and creator

Just because he was born in Vanguard doesn’t make him one of them. He is the greatest tech genius of Mundo Maravilla and can build whatever he proposes.

Additional information

🟣 Ability

A: SpellCraft (round 1-4-7…)
B: Seek the weak (round 2-5-8…)
C: +10 SHIELD (round 3-6-9…)
SpellCraft: Start of the round, deals 10 DMG to the enemy leader.
Seek the weak: End of the round, deals 10 DMG to the troop with less HP.
Shield: Start of the round, protects himself 10 SHIELD

⚔ Damage

20 ATK

❤ Life

220 HP

🗺 Faction

Junk Towers

🏳 Race