If there is a true guardian of the city, it is Jarkos. He will put all his strength and honor in each mission, being the only one able to control the demonic sword thanks to his righteousness and nobility.

Knight of the royal guard, honorable, loyal and just, with high principles.
He fights for the good with courage and strength, convinced of the honesty of his position.
Innocent and easily manipulated.

Additional information

🟣 Ability

Demonic Embrace: Start of the round: Enhance Wonders in the arena (10 ATK) or give 10 SHIELD based in if Jarkos has fought last round. Jarkos consumes 10 HP for each troop he empowers/defends.

⚔ Damage

20 ATK

❤ Life

300 HP

🗺 Faction


🏳 Race