Aggressive and powerful. Strong, fierce and brave.
Loyal to his clan and friends, honorable and courageous.

His axe is the first thing he picked up at birth and will be the last thing he will drop when he dies.
Facing him is the last thing one does in life.
Leader of the Axe clan, he is always accompanied by Mahomot, the saber-toothed ancestor and faithful friend.


Additional information

🟣 Ability

Stomp / Assault: After combat, Haralk leaves 2 Injury stacks. If before the combat the enemy has 4 Injury stacks or more, Haralk will instead consume all the stacks of the enemy causing +20 DMG per stack after combat.
Injury: 1 stack = 10 DMG. If you move a troop from its lane, it will activate the Injury stacks causing it damage.

⚔ Damage

20 ATK

❤ Life

240 HP

🗺 Faction


🏳 Race