Intelligent, powerful, tenacious.
At the same time sensitive and kind, but capable of sweeping away anything that stands in her way.

When Kadria decides something, she won’t take “no” for an answer and nothing can stop her.
The imposing queen of Vulcan will achieve anything she wants by transforming the magma of the volcano, try not to become her target.

Additional information

🟣 Ability

Summon: End of the round: Summons a creature on the right lane. Needs 1 round to charge the attack. The more rounds it takes Kadria to summon, the more powerful the summon will be.
2 rounds: 10 ATK 20 HP
3 rounds: 20 ATK 30 HP
4 rounds: 30 ATK 40 HP
5 rounds: 40 ATK 50 HP
6 rounds: 50 ATK 50 HP

⚔ Damage

20 ATK

❤ Life

220 HP

🗺 Faction


🏳 Race